Application Specific Power Modules

Custom Module Custom Module Custom Module Custom Module Custom Module
Predictable Performance
  • VI Chip and Picor Components
  • Vicor Custom Designed, Prototyped and Tested
  • Vicor Factory Manufactured
  • Streamlined Process from Prototype to Mass Production
Flexible Electrical Design
  • Input Voltage from 16 to 400V
  • Output Voltage from 0.65 to 55V
  • Output Current up to 250A+
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Custom Controls and Interface
Custom Footprint
  • Rectangular
  • Circular
  • Irregular
  • Maximum Size: Contact NPI
Flexible Pinout
  • Size and quantity optimized for current
  • Pin locations optimized for mounting to customer's board
  • Library of pins suitable for Vicor manufacturing
Custom Cooling
  • Open Frame
  • Custom Heatsinks
  • Custom Baseplates

Application Specific Power Modules Brochure
Applicaton Specific Power Modules Brochure

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